Drinkable sunscreen: What’s in it?

Video: David Letterman – Top Ten Questions People Have About Drinkable Sunscreen.

beach-15689_640Major news media outlets have been writing about a new drinkable sunscreen called UV Neutralizer for a few days now. It has been featured in the Telegraph (UK), The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, many local news television stations, WebMD, and the product was even featured on David Letterman’s Top Ten.

While the claims have not evaluated by the FDA, the drinkable suncreen is apparently equivalent to SPF 30 sunscreen, and appears to work as long as 3-4 hours. But some questions you might have are what’s in it, can it be harmful, and does it really work?

After doing some serious digging, I found the ingredients of the drinkable sunscreen. It appears that the active and only ingredient in this drinkable sunscreen is dihydrogen monoxide. While this is a chemical compound that we are exposed to every day, ingestions of very high amounts can be potentially fatal and cause an imbalance of electrolytes such as sodium or potassium.

How drinkable sunscreen is made

Dihydrogen monoxide harmonized using state of the art frequencies that has been determined by a proprietary math formula and the wave are imprinted on dihydrogen monoxide molecules. These frequencies help balance tissue disharmonies by delivery a beneficial ratio of the imprinted radio frequencies to the cell using the dihydrogen monoxide as a carrier. These imprinted radio waves also help turn unhealthy vibrations from your body into healthy ones.

Is it safe and does it work?

Considering we are exposed to dihydrogen monoxide in a significant quantity naturally and given that the recommended dose of the radio frequency imprinted dihydrogen monixide are quite low, this product is probably safe.

However, given the large amount of dihydrogen monoxide in our environment and the large amount that is naturally in our bodies, it is of our educated opinion this product probably doesn’t work, and it it is Mad Scientist’s opinion that you will likely not notice any benefits from this product beyond the placebo effect.

Note: This is a satire. Dihydrogen monoxide is another name for water (H2O). This product is nothing more than water that had radio frequencies ran through it. While I can’t claim this product is snake oil, I can definitely claim that this product is water.



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