This Mad Scientist says time travel possible with “Lasers”

What if you could turn on a laser today get messages back from one year or even ten years into the future? Imagine getting messages from your future self telling you how you could change the present to make a better future. This mad scientist (Ronald L. Mallett) says its possible!

This laser will be designed to send messages along its path, as far back into the past as the point it is turned to. The point the laser is turned to is a fixed point in the past. This point will leash one into the future. This creates what is essentially a “time loop!”  So as long as you have the laser powered up, this “loop” will remain in action. If this laser remains on for a decade, you may get messages a decade into the future. If it’s on for centuries you may get messages a century into the future. Messages from hundreds or thousands of years into the future can travel back along this laser! Madness! So the big question is… does it work?!

Well, Things are still in the building or experimental stage, so only time can tell. Perhaps we will be going “back to the future” with messages from the future in no time! Let’s not think about the paradoxes that it would create and just roll with it!

If you haven’t already, check out the video at the top of the post!

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