Category: Medicine

Image Credit: Flickr

The Quack vs. The Mad Scientist

Video: (1959) Quacks And Nostrums – Mom tells medical student son how wonderful she feels after buying ‘tea’ from the ‘South Seas’. There are a lot a similarities between a mad scientist and a quack....


The epic failure of psychiatry and antidepressants

The above video is about anti-depressants and the placebo effect. Psychiatry is weird. It’s a field that requires no objective evidence for most psychiatric diagnoses. It’s also a field that many evidence-based practitioners refer...


Bioprinting organs. Is it the future? (Video)

Christopher Chen from the University of Pennsylvania is bioprinting organs. Bioprinting organs with intricate capillaries requires some of the most advanced and precise 3D printing architecture in the world. The technology and knowledge was borrowed...

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